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PERFORMANCES: concerts, theatre, etc.

Performing for public is what makes our day. All lessons learned in class can be used and shown: 'on stage' is different from 'off stage' or in the classroom. That's what it's all about in an institute for the performing arts!

As of 2005 our students and pupils have performed in a (semi-)closed environment. In the near future we strive for weekly open public performances.

Some memorabele performances
'Creative Capital' meeting in the Berlagezaal at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam
Festive Opening of academic year 2007-2008 at the VU Griffioentheater in Amstelveen
ending of academic year 2007-2008 in the Muziektheaterlaboratorium M-Lab in Amsterdam
ending of academic year 2008-2009 in the Kauwgomballen Studio's in Amsterdam
ending of academic year 2009-2010 in the muzyQ Theaterstudio in Amsterdam

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