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We receive many questions on a daily basis. A large number of these are being answered through the information on our website. Some of the FAQ's are published here, plus our answers.

Why are entrance examinations (auditions) obligatory?
For a student to succesfully graduate at any of the courses as offered by Broadway Academy NL, thus obtaining a diploma, a candidate student needs to show his or hers suitability for this trade. We use a through developed method for this. We look and listen to a candidate student trying to find the answers to the following three questions:

1) does he or she have talent for music, dance and drama?
2) is the talent in development? If so, which level has been reached?
3) is further development possible?

Attention is payed to the levels of singing, dancing and play acting seperately, as well as the integration of these disciplines. The tempo of working through assignments and adjustments is registered as well. Last but not least, the general attitude is of great interest to us.

If I command one of the disciplines less then the other two, can I still pass?
The course program demands an equal minimum level of development of the three disciplines. Music, Dance and Drama all need to be at Grade 8 levels (equal to the Dutch D-diploma). If one of these is not, the Foundation Year offers the possibility to adjust. An exemption to this rule can be made if Grade 8 levels are obtained for Music and Dance and Grade 6 or 7 levels for Drama.

Are both languages manditory?
The courses at Broadway Academy NL are taught in English, just like at any other international school. We expect the candidate student to bring a basic understanding of this language. Further development is offered during classes in the school. However, in practice we have noticed most students who command English as their second language, do prefer to have details explained to them in their first language as well. For this reason we use two languages of choice (Dutch and English or German and English), but English remains the primary language.

I am a student at an International Secondary School and want to study musical theatre. With my IB-diploma I can study all over the world. Why should I go to Broadway Academy NL?
Our educational vision is developed from an international outlook. This requires more then just singing and acting. Languages represent a culture. To get to know different cultures is very important for a career which brings you in several countries. If an international career is your ambition, our school offers the proper preparation for it.

I am a student in a Professional Training Course at another school but want to study at Broadway Academy NL. Do I have to start in the first year again?
Broadway Academy NL is the only school in The Netherlands offering courses with a curriculum based on the 'triple approach'. Therefore, demands at entrance are different from other schools. The answer lies in the level of development in all three disciplines. This will be shown and heard at the entrance examinations (auditions). We therefore look at the individual candidate student what he or she can and can't do before we answer this question.

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