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Musical Theatre has become very popular in The Netherlands in a short period of time. There are now so many professionals active in this field, it has become the third job market in Europe after respectively Germany and the UK. Fourth place worldwide, since the USA is number one. Not bad for a country that really started getting the taste of it with the musical CATS in 1987.

With the professional productions, musical theatre flourishes in The Netherlands. Amateur societies perform more musicals than ever, more and more amateur Music Schools and Youth Theatre Schools offer courses in musical theatre and the yearly musical in both Primary and Secondary School is common now. Taking up a Professional Training Course has become a goal for many. Next to Professional Training Courses at Higher Education/HE (since 1995) there are Courses at Vocational levels as well (since 2004).

Broadway Academy NL is the first school in The Netherlands to offer international training in musical theatre (since 2005). The first students received their Diplomas in Musical Theatre in 2009. We focus on students from the EU member states.

Broadway Academy NL offers a 4 year Professional Training Course. This Course takes up 40 weeks per year. Every year of study leads to a Diploma Performing Musical Theatre by Trinity College London (EQF level 4, 5, 6, 7). Entrance is enabled in every year of study.

Your Broadway
Do you want to work everywhere in musical theatre? Now is the time to bring that dream to reality! With it’s unique Professional Training Course, Broadway Academy NL offers a leap towards the international stage. Is that Broadway in New York? Somewhere else? A good way to start is with a solid Professional Training. Who knows? You may surprise yourself!

Stanley E. van Wel MM
Founder & Headmaster

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