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At Broadway Academy NL we use freelance teachers in parttime. Reason being teachers are the primary source of inspiration for students. The classroom energy strongly influences the learning process. Therefore teachers at our school have a relationship with us similar to the one on stage.

We have described three types of teachers:
1) teacher/pedagogue
2) stage artist & teacher/pedagogue
3) stage artist

Students require a patient teacher who takes time to bring results for one subject and for another subject a less patient stage artist who demands results quickly. This mix brings the required atmosphere in the school, where the type 2 teacher dominates.

At Broadway Academy NL we use freelance teachers. In this overview you can find the names of the teachers who have taught at our school. They originate from the following 12 countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, England, Canada, USA, Japan, Russia, Peru, Finland and Slovenia. This strengthens the international character of the profession, studies and school.

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