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SPONSORSHIP: corporate approach to the studies in the performing arts
Communication is an instrument (tool) for one, a primary activity (occupation) for the other

Performers are alive because of their communication skills. Sponsorship of a school in the performing arts offers an ultimate chance to use this talent on behalf of your PR/Marketing strategy.

Think of those outings of external communication where your logo and or company name fits in the daily life of a student. Both of tangible (a.o. t-shirt, coat, cap, bag) and digital (a.o. website, e-Newsletter, weblog). Internal communication offers yet other additional options. Think of that InCompany lunchconcert or that theatre production which you offer to your staff (printed programs, etc.). If a company with a matching approach can be found, we are open for contact.

Financing a School in Musical Theatre
To offer the possibility to further professionalise musical theatre in The Netherlands both to performers and teachers alike, we have chosen for the educational model of the 'triple approach'. This represents the purest form of multidisciplined talent development, which for decades already is common in the UK (England) and the USA (United States of North-America), is not financially supported by the Dutch Government.

Win-win situation desired
For apparent reasons, we reach out to companies which are prepared to support our endeavors by sponsorship, further developing our school, offering a new approach to education in musical theatre in The Netherlands. So to say, showing their social involvement (MVO). The goal is to develop an interesting and satisfying relationship for all parties concerned, the classical 'win-win' situation is desired.

One of the many possibilities is 'financial adoption' or sponsorship of a full group or class. We have drafted a proposal for sponsorship to serve as a guideline. We look upon this as a thesis which is further developed through negotiation. If you are interested, we would be obliged to send this to you.

Broadway Academy NL as a sponsor
The first two years since it's opening, we have financially supported the former Muziektheaterlaboratorium M-Lab in Amsterdam by sponsorship. The 'win-win' situation was reached rapidly. M-Lab facilitated the first phase of performance of new productions, which offers authors the possibility to show their ideas in an early stage to producers. This emphasizes further development of the genre, thus stimulating employment. Our involvement was evident. This activity was abandoned on behalf of others, a.o. musical theatre performances by Amateur Societies and on High Schools. We also pushed forward launch of the first printed Musical Magazine in Dutch (2007).

All contact concerning sponsoring is under responsibility of the legal representative of Broadway Academy NL, which is the Supervisory Board of Stichting Broadway Musical Theatre and Education. Please take up contact with our Director.

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