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Broadway Academy NL holds a Professional School in the Performing Arts and is organised with five Boards and three Units, represented by a non-profit organisation similar to a Foundation (in Dutch: Stichting). The managementteam consists of the Headmaster, the Head Administrator and the Head Business developer. The Headmaster runs the school and is the contact person.

As is common in an international school, English is the first language of choice. As a result names, functions and titles are all in the English language.


Supervisory Board
- Hans Haas, chairman: retired mayor; boardmember of cultural and judicial organisations, education and healthcare
- dr Jan-Albert Dop, secretary: retired boardmember of Webster University in Leiden; former consultant McKinsey
- ir Paul Heise, chancellor: international active entrepreneur in financial consulting
- Willem 'Kaiser' Glaser, member: fighter pilot, major-general ret. Dutch Royal Airforce; consultant defence & avionics industry
- drs Egbert Hofmans, member: international active entrepreneur in consultancy firms for ERP-software (o.a. SAP)

Advisory Board
- Prof dr Maurits van Rooijen, Chief Executive Academic/Group Rector, Global University Systems

Professional Board
- Koert Dirks BM BMEd, teacher Music at Maurick College Vught; conductor amateur music societies; musician
- Roel van Dongen, founder/director Artiesten Belangen Centrum (ABC); clownesque artist; trainer

Examination Board
- Trinity College London

Board of Appeal
- Member Supervisory Board
- Headmaster
- Legal representative



- Stanley E. van Wel MM

- Stanley E. van Wel MM, chair
- Michel de Kort MM, co-chair
- teaching staff


Head administrator
- Ellen van Wel-Hartman (as of t.b.a.)


Head Business Developer
- Stanley E. van Wel MM

Media advisor
- drs Chris Wolters


Name: Stichting Broadway Musical Theatre and Education
Registration number Dutch Companies House: 55473768
TaxID: NL 8517.28.601
Bank relationship: ABN Amro bank accountnumber
Trinity College London: Registered Examination Centre 35943 & 51983

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