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Providing internationally oriented training and education within the domain of Musical Theatre with which the student, pupil and participant has the possibility to get acquainted with the approach as used in the UK and USA.

Developing an International School for Musical Theatre where training and education is offered in Musical Theatre at pre-professional, professional and post-professional levels to further the students development by offering courses in fulttime, parttime and shorttime.

The School is a specialist knowledge centre which offers professional performers, teachers, artistic directors and managers in Musical Theatre a platform to exchange of insights and experiences, at the same time offering students the possibility to further develop their talents in order to realize their dreams.

Educational vision
Enrichment of training and education in Musical Theatre in the Dutch realm (The Netherland and Flanders) by teaching the UK and USA curriculae based on the triple approach whereby the three disciplines music, dance and drama are taught equally. This in order to provide students the possibility to gain professional levels in all three disciplines within one Course. There is no dominant discipline in this learning environment. We teach the fourth discipline, Musical Theatre, from the overlap.

Since the professional performer is confronted with typecasting and employed on a contractbasis, students are multilingually taught to enable an international carrier.

Broadway Academy NL is active at initiating, pre-professional, professional and post-professional training and education. We actively strive for collaboration with Institutes in the Performing Arts and Entertainment, Centres for Amateur Arts and Secundary Schools at home and abroad. Primary focus is placed on countries within the European Union (EU) such as The Netherlands (NL), Belgium (BE), Germany (DE), England (UK) and also on the USA. Next to the active relationship with Trinity College London since 2008, several Memoranda of Understanding are signed and talks are held with Art Schools and Universities in these countries.

Strategic Plan
At Broadway Academy NL the aim for the upcoming five years is at bridging the gap from secundary school and pre-professional training (Foundation) until the first year of Professional Training at Higher Education (Associate). Focus is placed upon offering Courses in Performing and Teaching. We strive for an international class and learning experience for European teachers and students.

- School active since: 2005
- Trinity College London Registered Examination Centre since: 1 April 2008
- Memorandum of Understanding with Guildford School of Acting signed on: 23 October 2008
- Courses active (since): Preliminary (2005); Summer (2006); Foundation (2007); Workshops (2008); broadway@ISH! (2009)
- Course/now (as of 2012): Professional Training
- Number of teachers (since 2005): 53
- Nationalities teachers: 12
- Number of students/pupils/participants (since 2005): 159
- Nationalities students/pupils/participants: 14
- Number of diplomas awarded (since 2009): 5
- Number of certificates awarded (since 2005): 161


By providing students with the combination of individual and group learning, emphasizing social behavior as a tool for both professional and personal life. All students are looked upon as unique individuals. At the same time also being required to function in a group, remaining respectful towards others. Truthfulness towards ones own talent and possibilities is demanded for to function well as a professional. Either in the chorus, a supporting role or as a soloist.

All professionals willing and able to teach, train and inspire students, the next generation of colleagues, bring together that rare combination of the stage and classroom. They also need further development, which is first of all provided through mentoring, second of all to make them as mobile as the students. At Broadway Academy NL, we are proud of our teaching staff consisting of professionals originating from 12 different countries.

Our training programs are focused on developing the students in a broad sense. The approach is 'doing' in combination with 'knowing how to do'. Discipline, curiosity and scholarship bring the know how for creativity. We aim to develop students in to professionals who do know how to remain learning after graduation.

By creating an international environment accessible to students from all countries, we provide the possibility to get acquainted with different cultures and races. Since the aim is for a multilingual student body, we envision students to understand the value of diversity as a part of their own learning process as a human being and as a future professional.

A determinating factor in success, is ones ability to develop the life-style of a professional whose single product is oneself. To reach this, health is number one. With this in mind, we only train students who understand and acknowledge the relationship between good health in performance. A healthy body gives a healthy mind, a good balance between the two gives the best chance of development. This thought translates by non-acceptance in the use of hallucinogenic means (a.o. drugs, all tobacco products, excessive use of alcohol).

Business Skills
Every performer, teacher and director alike, needs to learn how to build, develop and sustain their career. In order to do so, basic business skills are taught, resulting in understanding the socio-economic side of the profession.

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